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Pragmatic Guide to Sass 3 - Hampton Lintorn Catlin, Michael

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Susy is now Deprecated/End of Life. That's been functionally true for years & now formally.… It's okay to be new to Sass and/or web development. I made this book with beginners in mind. As long as you can write HTML and some CSS, you should be fine.

In order to use Susy 2 with Rails you must update your Gemfile to use sass-rails ~> 5.0.0.

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I still use the breakpoint mixin heavily in my workflow though. # Note! This is optional! bower install breakpoint-sass --save If you do install breakpoint-sass, you’ll have to import it in your stylesheets as well.

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Responsive CSS Workflow with Sass, Bourbon, and Susy. 2h 59m  Jag kommer inte att dyka mycket in i Compass eller SCSS (det språk du skriver CSS in), men gärna hänvisa till vår Underhållande CSS med Sass and Compass  För alla styling och layout skapande, använder jag sass, Kompass, och Susy. sass är ett bearbetningsspråk för Custom Style Sheet.

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Compass, Bourbon, and Susy just to name a few. Sass’s module system integrates seamlessly with @import, whether you’re importing a file that contains @use rules or loading a file that contains imports as a module.

As long as you can write HTML and some CSS, you should be fine. Join Carrie Dils for an in-depth discussion in this video, Setting up Susy's defaults , part of Responsive CSS Workflow with Sass, Bourbon, and Susy. Susy was a responsive layout engine for Sass, before flexbox and CSS grid were available. Susy is now deprecated, and will not receive updates.
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Susy is a series of mixins for Sass that takes care of the maths for any layout grid, so you can focus on the design elements Start off by importing the library into your project via an import command: @import "susy";. This gives you access to Susy's grid framework, which couldn't be simpler to implement. Susy is one of Compass extensions. With Compass, you simply require Susy from your config.rb and voila! You can use Susy in your SASS code by simply doing @import susy (and compiling your SASS with Compass). Susy doesn’t depend on breakpoint-sass anymore since version 2.2.2 so you can safely omit it if you want to.